Math and Magic

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Show off your math skills



Math and Magic is an intelligence game where you play Archie, a little wizard who has to face hundreds of enemies using the power of math. To defeat each enemy you have to solve an equation: the weakest ones will present a simple equation, while the strongest will really put your mental agility to the test.

In Math and Magic you'll find three different modes: normal, time attack, and survival. The gameplay in all of them is the same: you have to solve the equations as quickly as possible, avoiding any mistakes at all costs. At the beginning you face simple addition and subtraction, but it won't be long before you start seeing equations with unknown variables.

The game would be very easy if you had all the time in the world to solve the equations given to you, and because of this there's a time limit for defeating each enemy.

Math and Magic is a fun intelligence game that, in addition to offering a unique playing experience, will help you practice your math skills, which is never a bad thing.